Robber wearing shark onesie robs gas station of candy

According to Stuff , two men walked into a gas station in Canterbury, New Zealand on a mission. One of the men looked like your friendly neighbourhood gas station robber. The other man, well…

The two men entered the BP service station in Rolleston about 2.20am on Monday.

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Texas Man Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With Fence

When people talk about dreaming of a white picket fence… this isn’t what they mean.

32-Year-old Eliodoro Estala of Austin Texas faces a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure after his neighbor caught him having sex with his fence.

Estala was seen urinating on the fence between their property, reports The Austin American-Statesman. He then started to undress himself, put his mouth on the chain-link fence, stick out his tongue, and start to have sex with the fence.

Naturally, he had to seduce the fence before he started to make love to it. He’s a romantic.

The neighbor took photos and videos on her cellphone of the incident and showed them to police.

Authorities say that Estala appeared to be intoxicated.

Bartender, I’ll have one of what he’s having.


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In 2005, a 12-Year-Old Girl Was Kidnapped By 4 Men. You’ll Never Guess Who Came To Her Rescue

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Women Trying Untested ‘Womb Detox’ Method Warned of Dangers

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Hasbro Has Developed Robotic Cats To Stop Old People From Feeling Lonely

It’s the perfect solution to wanting a cat, but not wanting to clean up a bunch of cat sh*t.
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