Google’s cars drive better than you do

Buckle up, the robot takeover has begun.

As perfectly shown in I, Robot, it starts with the robots serving as mankind’s slaves, driving us everywhere we go, cleaning up our garbage, the trivial things that nobody likes to do. Not even robots. It won’t be long before the robots rise up and conquer us all. Hell, the United Nations has already talked about it.

If you think that you will never bow down to some robot overlord because you are smarter than it is, think again. Remember when Watson appeared on Jeopardy!? They’re smarter than us, stronger than us, probably more flirtatious than us, and now, thanks to Google, robots are better drivers than us.

If you haven’t heard of Google’s self-driving car project, Google has invented a car that can drive itself. Great, now you’re up to speed.

The cars have driven more than 10,000 miles, and Google recently confirmed that their vehicles have never been given a ticket, although there were a few close calls.

Essentially, the driver just sits in front of the steering wheel and does all the work. Because of this driving experience, Google openly stated that they believe if the car gets pulled over, the car should be responsible for the ticket, and not the person!

Next time you get pulled over, just convince the police officer that your car drives itself, and then send the bill over to Google. Maybe they’ll pay it, or maybe they’ll sue you.


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