Brain implant cured man’s OCD and turned him into obsessive Johnny Cash Fan

A 60-year-old Dutch man, only known as “Mr B.” to the public, suffered from severe obsessive-compuslive disorder and had anxiety issues since he was 13-years-old. Doctors were able to implant a device that controls different regions of his brain in ways that medicine and psychotherapy was unable to. Although he is cured of his OCD, he is now a major Johnny Cash fan.

Doctors reporter that the “patient reporter that after DBS he was grasped in particular by the rhythm of Johnny Cash songs and by the tone of his voice.” Researchers believe that since the man feels new and improved, even calling himself “Mr. B II”, and “Ring of Fire” was the first tune that the man heard, he associates Johnny Cash with his new and improved feelings.

Before the implant, Mr B had a broad music catalogue, and he was a pretty major Rolling Stones fan. Since he has started recovery from the surgery, Mr B claims that his former music is banned, and has vowed to only listen to Johnny Cash.

Doctors were asked about Mr B’s strange transition to Johnny Cash music and told the DailyMail “He reports that there is a Johnny Cash song for every emotion and every situation, feeling happy or feeling sad and although Mr. B. played almost simply and solely Johnny Cash songs for the following years, the music never starts to annoy him.”

What if the implant was never designed to cure OCD? It was mind control control device created by The Man to spread Johnny Cash’s hits such as Folsom Prison Blues and Ring of Fire.


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