Canadian Man finds moose calf, takes it to Tim Hortons

In the most stereotypical Canadian news story ever, a Northern Ontario Man found a baby moose wandering around on the side of the highway. Instead of leaving it to fend against highway traffic, the man picked it up…and brought it to Tim Hortons.

Stephen Michael Desgroseillers, the man who found the moose, claims that the calf “Still had the umbilical cord and was still wet when I found her,” He went on to express his concerns stating he thought “The wolves would have got to her,”

Desgroseillers spent an adorable night with the calf caring for it, and he claims on his Facebook page that it was “the sweetest thing every except for crying.”

The following morning Desgroseillers brought the calf to the Wild at Heart Animal Shelter where it is being cared for by staff members.

Watch the video of people interacting with the calf by clicking here

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