Fitness addicts get withdrawal symptoms just like alcoholics

Alcoholism is a serious addiction as you already know, you’ve probably also heard of how serious gambling addiction can be, but what about fitness addiction?

Ph.D student Mia Beck Lichtenstien from the University of Southern Denmark asked people about their physical fitness routines. 5.8% of the people she surveyed could be classified as fitness addicts, which means that they use exercise to regulate their mood, “the answer for everything” and most of the time over do it even when they are sick or injured. Although it is an addiction with mental withdrawals closely related to alcoholism, it’s actually more closely related to pathological gambling or sex addiction because it is the person’s own actions that make them addicted.

After being injured, one of the people Mia surveyed said that “Exercise is the answer to all things bad. It has always been like that. I thought I had control over my exercising, but I did not, and that is why I am injured today. Being injured is a nightmare, because my mobility is diminished.”

Mia goes on to say that female addicts “won’t have their periods for several years”, which makes us think: Why doesn’t this seem like a real issue to everyone?

Mia also says that exercise is an important thing and shouldn’t be over done, and that addicts should slowly reduce the amount of exercise they do and replace it with something like taking a day off or another thing that brings you joy such as seeing friends.

Despite what t-shirts inside of Gyms say, you actually should take days off.


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