Led Zeppelin is being sued for STEALING Stairway to Heaven!

There is a legal fight facing the band Led Zeppelin for their song Stairway to Heaven, which many would claim is the greatest rock song of all time, if not one of the most well known. The case is most likely to be based off the argument that the famous opening of Stairway to Heaven is similar sounding to the work on an instrumental song called Taurus, written by Randy California.

Randy California’s band, Spirit, wrote Taurus in 1968 while Stairway to Heaven was written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant in 1970. Randy California passed away in 1997 trying to save his son from drowning and shortly before his death he described Stairway to Heaven as a “rip-off”.

The plaintiffs are founding bassist of Spirit, Mark Andes, as well as a trust that controls royalties for Randy California. “It is fairly blatant, and note for note,” Mr Andes told Bloomberg Businessweek. “It would just be nice if the Led Zeppelin guys gave Randy a little nod…” There has been no comment towards the allegations made by either Led Zeppelin or Warner Music so far.

Give both songs a listen and judge for yourself if Led Zeppelin did in fact ‘rip-off’ Spirits song Taurus.


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