Aldi’s Security Guard shoots thief after Pepper-spraying himself

And the award for worst Security Guard of the year goes to…an unnamed 72-year-old security guard working at an Aldi’s Food Market in St Louis! After noticing a 41-year-old-man leaving the store with meat that he hadn’t paid for, the security guard approached the man and asked him about the item he was stealing.

For whatever reason, the security guard then unleashed a flurry of pepper spray, but the wind caused it to blow back into his own eyes. I guess you could say his plan backfired.

The shoplifter took advantage of the 72-year-old-man, now with pepper spray in his eyes, by punching him in the face. When the man went to pound on the security guard further, the guard pulled out his gun and shot the thief in the ankle.

Situations like this leave us with so many questions, such as: Who the hell gave this guy a gun? Why did he shoot if he was blinded by pepper spray? Why did he try and pepper spray a man who was just stealing a piece of meat? Who the hell beats up a 72-year-old man?



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