Man open fires after getting the wrong Burger King sandwich

Brandon Hawkins, a man with a ton of built up anger issues, went to eat a delicious Burger King sandwich to unwind after a long day. All he wanted to do was eat a damn sandwich – and somehow the teenager across the counter messed up order.

Brandon Hawkins was handed the wrong sandwich. As you know, this is the most unforgivable act you can ever commit. Brandon reacted by angrily, and he believes appropriately, by finding his ex-girlfriend’s mother’s boyfriend, 69-year-old Levy Williams, and shooting him until he died. His ex-girlfriend’s 7-year-old-son was also shot by Brandon Hawkins.

Police believe that Brandon was already thinking of attacking the family, and was in a grouchy mood when he went to eat at Burger King. According to police, “The wrong sandwich was just another stressor in an already tense situation,”

We don’t give fast food workers enough credit. They are the front line, and if they hand out one wrong sandwich to someone, you never know how they are going to react. Next time you go to a fast food restaurant, thank the employees for doing such a bang up job.


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