Rob Ford’s Escalade has been impounded and a woman has been charged with DUI

Rob Ford is at it again – kinda sorta. It seems like the media is clinging to every opportunity to capitalize on the downward spiral of the Toronto mayor. 

Lee Anne McRobb was drving a black Escalade, which allegedly belongs to Rob Ford, when she was pulled over by police and arrested for Driving Under Impairment. The Escalade is now sitting in a car impound, with no license plates to identify the vehicle. The owners of the impound stated that they didn’t remove the plates, the car just arrived without any license plates what-so-ever.

According to CBC, a source at the rehab facility where Rob Ford is supposed to be, stated that Lee Anne McRobb was receiving treatment there, but was recently discharged.

When Lee Anne McRobb was asked how she ended up behind the wheel of Rob Ford’s car, drunk, she stated “That’s for me to know.”

How mysterious!


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