9/11 Museum gets a restaurant!

The museum located at the 9/11 memorial is getting a café placed inside.  It will be run by a well-known New Yorker Danny Meyer.

There has already been a VIP dinner in the restaurant held for the wealthy donors to the museum.  Families of the brave men and women who died on that tragic day are outraged by this.  It will be called the Pavillion Café, and it is to have “an array of local, seasonal fare in a relaxing and comfortable environment.”  Now this is also taking place above what is called the ‘Remains Depository’ where 8000 unidentified human parts are stored.  That’s not such a comforting thought.

The mother of firefighter Christian Regenhard, who died on 9/11, explained: “This is the final insult and desecration of these 9/11 remains.”

When it was first opened, reporters were being kicked out and refused entry. One reporter asked guests if it was nice to eat where dead bodies once were.


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