Airline considers removing life rafts to save fuel

Who needs life rafts, right? If your plane goes down in a large body of water, that sucks. But what are the odds that’s ever going to happen?

Qantas, an Australian Airline are looking to save a few bucks by removing life rafts from some of their flights. If this sounds like an extremely unsafe thing to do in order to  save $1,000,000 a year in fuel expenses, it actually isn’t unsafe.

The headline would lead you to believe that life rafts would be removed from planes flying over bodies of water, when that isn’t true. Yet, the media have sensationalized the story in order to make Qantas seem like the bad guy.

In reality, Qantas is looking to remove life rafts “on flights when it’s not required by legislation,” said a Qantas spokesman. Essentially, planes flying over land masses without any water may have their life rafts removed. Because let’s be serious, how often are you going to need a life raft if your plane crashes in the desert?


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