Amazon will have 10,000 robots in its warehouses by year’s end

No, it’s not the drones that Amazon teased us with last year. You remember, the ones that could deliver a package to your house within minutes? Those were cool. Instead, Amazon is planning on bringing in more robots to it’s warehouses. The robots come from it’s robotics subsidiary Kiva Systems and are used to help speed up their 96 worldwide fulfilment centres.

The company is currently only using 1000 of the Kiva robots, so that’s a ramp up of 10x robots! With Amazon getting all these fancy new robots, will it effect the people working at these fulfilment centres? A spokesperson from Amazon said no that it “won’t effect employment levels or the rate of hiring in the fulfillment centres” so people that were afraid that their jobs were about to be replaced by robots can rest easy and now all I can imagine is 10,000 R2-D2’s running around an Amazon warehouse.


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