Dedicated Rugby fan cuts of testicles to celebrate Wales victory

He put his balls where his mouth is…figuratively.

Geoff Huish, a 26-year-old Rugby fan was so convinced that England would destroy Wales that he told his drinking buddies that “If Wales win I’ll cut my balls off.” Normally, this would just act as a statement of how certain he was that Wales would lose. You would never think that he would put the fate of his testicles on a single game of rugby. Even Geoff’s friends thought he was joking.

To everyone’s amazement, Wales beat England 11-9. After the game, Geoff went home, cut his balls off with a knife, walked 200 metres back to the bar, testicles in hand, to show everyone that he was a man of his word.

The bar staff immediately called 911 and put his testicles in a pint filled with ice. Huish has been taken to the hospital and has remained in serious condition.



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