Man Attemps to pay fine at courthouse with counterfeit bills

He’s got cojones. No, not co-jones, cah-hone-ays. He’s got balls, damnit. 

John Sheldon Jernigan has the courage of a lion. He walked into a courthouse to pay a $400 fine for trespassing. Instead of you know, paying it legally, he decided to try and scam his way out of actually paying the fine.

The clerk at the courthouse noticed the bills looked a little odd. When she looked at them a little closer, she noticed that they all had the same serial number. It’s like he didn’t even try to get away with it.

John Jernigan’s payment, all in 20’s, was quickly confiscated and he was arrested on the scene and charged with thirteen counts of Uttering a Counterfeit Bill.

When asked about the bills, Jernigan claimed that he worked for cash, so his boss must have screwed him over accidentally. When asked about it a second time, he claimed that he had absolutely no idea where he obtained the counterfeit cash.

You would think that you would notice if you just suddenly had an extra $400 in your pocket.


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