Buzzfeed Writes An Article About Someone’s Response to a News Article

BuzzFeed is doing to the internet what reality shows did to TV. 

Has BuzzFeed gone too far? Yes. They went too far when they created all of those damn quizzes that people fill out every day. Which month should you have been born in? 

What? Why do I care? To emphasize how ridiculous these quizzes are, here are some legitimate BuzzFeed quizzes that pop up when you search for the word ‘quizzes’:

Which pair of Jorts Are you?

Who should you kill? 

Are you Living a lie?

How basic is your baby? 

Should your cat run for President? 

Are people waking up every single morning and thinking to themselves: I need to know if my cat should run for President. If I don’t know this – horrible things will happen to great people. 

Before you mention that we are writing an article about someone writing an article about someone’s response to an article, please note that we do it with the intention to show you how absolutely ludicrous of a concept this is.

Imagine if someone wrote an entire book that summarized someone’s opinion about a book. That is a ridiculous concept, right?

Well, that ridiculous concept didn’t stop from BuzzFeed trying to get as many views on their website as possible by blatantly stealing content. Here is a breakdown of one of their more recent articles:

Kim and Kanye got married in Italy. Here is a picture unrelated to the wedding, but it went viral recently. It’s completely irrelevant to the headline, but it’s a funny picture that we know people will laugh at when they see it.


Guess what is conveniently located on the side? 

The New York Post said mean things about the wedding. Here is the picture of the wedding. And, in case you are unable to read the giant font in the news article that is actually larger than the text below the picture, we will copy word for word what the article said. Please note that this isn’t even an original picture – they ripped it off of this guy’s twitter.


Do you see how the newspaper font is so much easier to read than the text below?

Then, I am not even joking – they show the exact same picture of Kim and Kanye again. They literally used the same picture twice. They just used a different, but equally as unrelated headline. 


To top it all off, they put their pertinent information in big bold letters, and then they cite the source of that information in tiny font, so nobody really pays any attention to it. Instead of linking directly to the original author of the information so that person can generate traffic on their site, they link directly to link’s that the original author has.

C’mon, BuzzFeed. You and I both know that people don’t like to read anything that isn’t in a larger, bolded text, and often, people avoid any web page that doesn’t have a .GIF every 3 inches, but this is getting ridiculous.

P.S. This is plagiarism they are quoting the news article above, without actually citing what they are saying.


The best part about BuzzFeed? It’s a money making machine. Sources have it valued at this much money: $3,212,500,000. No big deal, it makes upwards of $200,000 a day. Whatever though, right? They are only going to get more and more wealthy as time goes on because their views are on the rise. This graph is provided by Alexa, pretty much the official organization for following the traffic on major websites.



It’s spreading like a the Bubonic Plague.

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