Facebook users who share too much information are more lonely and depressed

Do you share a lot of information about your personal life on Facebook? Here’s why you may feel lonely.

A study recently published by researchers at Charkes Sturt University in New South Wales found that 79% of Facebook users that describe themselves as lonely, shared more about their personal lives on Facebook. Some of these things include information about their favourite books, movies, and music.

Another 98% of self-described lonely people on Facebook of the surveyed 600 women admitted that they shared their relationship status on publicly on Facebook, instead of keeping that information private to their Facebook friends.

Associate professor Yeslam Al-Saggaf admitted that Facebook Depression exists, and can be shown in a number of ways. Whether they are liking statuses, or Facebook pages, Professor Al-Saggaf says that social media interactions leave people feeling lonely, and that they need to “prove something” to other users.

Furthermore, Professor Al-Saggaf said that “It makes sense that the people who felt lonely would disclose this type of information…They want to make it easier for others to initiate contact with them, which may help them overcome their feelings of loneliness.”


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