It can take up to 45 days to create a single corporate Tweet

Some people tweet impulsively, other people spend 45 days creating the perfect tweet. 

There’s a lot of money to be made in the world of Social Media. You’d be surprised to know that teams of up to 13 people work for your favourite corporations, trying to garner as much attention on their profiles as possible. These people are professional Tweeters, if you will.

Those that work in the job admit that some of their job is just dicking around on the internet all day, but at the same time, they say it’s a never ending job. They are constantly monitoring trends online so they can create effective marketing campaigns.

The tweet below, took a little under two months to create. Amazingly, you are probably expecting something magnificent.



Nope. It’s just your every day tweet. Two months in the making. Someone got paid for two months of work to create such a simple tweet. They spent two months on this tweet to reach their 100 followers and 220 fans on Facebook.

The company responsible for this tweet, Huge, is a digital design and advertising firm that runs social-media accounts for numerous brands and companies.

Ridiculous, isn’t it?


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