Charles Bronson smeared himself in butter and took on 12 prison guards:

You know Charles Bronson, right? He’s a famous English criminal referred to as the most violent prisoner in all of Britain – and Tom Hardy starred in a movie kinda sorta but not really about him. After Arsenal beat Hull City in the FA Cup final last weekend, it was been reported that he, out of anger, engaged in a rumble in the prison he currently resides in. Charles Bronson is a Tottenham fan, so he wanted Hull City to beat Arsenal. When they didn’t, he rubbed himself with butter and decided to look for a fight. He had a few broken ribs by the end of the brawl.

Charles Bronson was first sent to jail in 1974 for an armed robbery. He has spent the last 40 years of his life behind bars, 36 of those years with him living in solitary confinement. He was left with no company, for 36 years. He has to be insane by now.

He’s a man that looks to fight. He was recently moved to a different prison because he attacked a prison governor after his artwork had been criticized. Criticized.

He stated that he’s “had more hostages than Saddam Hussein,” after he held a prison teacher hostage for 44 hours.

He is a man with a mission. What is that mission? No idea, but it must involve a lot of prison brawls.

By the way, he’s now 61-years-old.


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