Man goes Down on 720 pound woman – finds dead cat


Amanda Simmons latest boyfriend experienced something he will surely never recover from. He found, within the folds of the 55-year-old model/porn star’s stomach, a dead kitten. The woman claimed that the cat in question wasn’t even hers, she was looking after it for her neighbour. How is she even going to explain what happened? She didn’t even know the cat was missing.

Amanda Simmons thought that the cat had wandered home earlier in the day through an open door. Amanda says that the cat must have been dead, within her folds, for three or four hours. She says that “this is the wake-up call I needed.”

Believe it or not, Amanda Simmons makes a lot of money from her size. In fact, she makes up to £60,000 a year posing for men that have a fetish for larger woman. 

Do you think her fans will still fantasize about her when they find out a kitten was flattened between her stomach rolls?

How did she not even feel a live cat inside of her stomach fat?


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