The moon has faster internet speed than some parts of Ireland

Who needs internet on the moon?

Have you ever thought that your internet company was screwing your over? Just be glad that you don’t live in Ireland, where, in some parts of the country, the broadband speed is literally slower than that of the moon.

In fact, if you get less than 20Mbps of broadband speed with your service provider, the internet on the moon is faster than the service you are being given. If that’s the case, you should probably call your service provider and demand an upgrade.

The high speed internet on the moon is a recent development, as MIT and NASA collaborated together to create a laser-powered communication uplink. Essentially, even though the moon is around 384,000km away from Earth, four laser telescopes beam data towards the moon. Of the 40-watt signal sent to the moon, less than one billionth of that will reach the surface of the moon, but according to Mark Stevens of MIT, that is all that is needed to create a good data connection.


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