Woman issued citation for Facebook comment

And no, she didn’t just say something mean.

A woman has to pay a $50 fine after a forest preserve protection officer saw a comment she made on Facebook, and interpreted it to mean that the woman had been using the local dog park without a permit.

The woman’s comment read “I was feeling bad that I haven’t bought a pass and been bringing Ginger there but I’m pretty glad I haven’t. So not going to worry about it until later. I hope all the doggies get better soon.”

According to the woman, the comment was posted in response to the community’s concerns that many dogs were suffering from kennel cough, yet they were still allowed in the dog park.

The woman claims that she hasn’t entered the park since 2013, despite her citation which reads that she “knowingly entered a dog park without a valid 2014 permit.”

Forest Preserve District Executive Director Marcy DeMauro said that they treat any information online as a tip to illegal activities.

However, she says that the information “has to be verified before any action is taken on our part…We would go to the dog park to see if that individual is actually there and using the dog park without a permit.”


One thought on “Woman issued citation for Facebook comment

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