Man accused of stealing $350,000 worth of Human Skin

I didn’t even know skin had a value.

Gary Dudek, a 54-year-old from Pennsylvania is under investigation for stealing more than $350,000 worth of human skin from a Philadelphia hospital. He wasn’t peeling it off patients, but he was stealing skin grafts.

Dudek worked as a sales representative for Organogenesis, a regenerative medicine company. According to police, Dudek was responsible for managing accounts at the hospital’s bio-science department, and that he frequently supplied the hospital with skin grafts.

Dudek was able to order skin grafts whenever he wanted, but police say that he made several unauthorized purchases, and the hospital never received the grafts. This lead the hospital to losing an estimated $357,000. Pocket change.

Police say they have no idea what the man was doing with the skin grafts, or what he did with them, but they believe that he was trying to make commission off of the sales.


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