Researchers on high-tech quest for the perfect nipple

Scientists are searching for the Holy Grail of nipples.

A small research facility north of Tokyo to replicate a mother’s nipple to put on a baby bottle. The research facility, partnered with Pigeon Corp, which sells around 100 million baby bottles a year, is trying to maximize the efficiency of their baby bottles.

The company already controls 80% of the Japanese baby bottle market, but they are looking to expand into China, where parents are striving to feed their babies with the highest quality bottles.

More than 100 researchers are apart of this project, which is studying how babies tongues move when they are sucking on a teet. Ultrasound devices have been attached under the chins of suckling babies.

One researcher explained the ultrasound by saying “Babies can’t tell us if they’re comfortable with the bottles. For babies who can’t drink from the bottle well, we can’t ask what’s bothering them, so we came up with using ultrasound devices.”

Over 200 mothers and babies are paid to volunteer to take part in the research.


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