Swedish School Told to Cover Up Vagina Mural

Don’t you get it? It’s art.

Artwork by Carolina Falkholt has sparked the newest controversy about censorship. Carolina painted a mural which includes a smiling vagina to be on display, at a junior high school in eastern Sweden.

Think of the children.

After months of debate, a compromise has finally been reached. The mural will not be painted over, instead, it is going to obscured by the wall. Apparently covering the mural with a layer of cheap paint didn’t sit well with the school’s administrative staff.

In fact, the principal of the school, Harke Steenbergen, said that he wanted to keep the painting because he liked “its message.”

What’s the message? Vaginas have feelings too? 

Oh, and by the way, Carolina has already painted another vagina. This time, it’s part of a streetscape and looks like this:



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