Man breaks into home, later calls victim to apologize

Just because you robbed someone doesn’t mean you can’t feel bad about it.

Criminals can have a conscience. They’re people too. They just like to harm and rob other people. Big whoop. 

Cleveland Smith, and two accomplices broke into the house of Chris Bates on May 15. Bates struggled to fight off the accomplices, while Cleveland Smith grabbed a gun inside of the house and hit Bates over the back of the head.

Chris Bates had to get 11 staples put into his head after the attack.

Only 11.

Cleveland Smith was apprehended, but his accomplices have managed to evade police. However, before he went to jail, Smith had something he wanted his victim to know.

Smith called Chris Bates and tried to apologize. He claimed that the two men he was with threatened to kill him if he didnt’ cooperate with them.

Chris Bates, and his fiancée, have publicly stated that they did not accept the apology.


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