Marriage can make you depressed! Here’s why:

If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it, but if you wanted to be happy – maybe you shouldn’t have. 

Although it is perceived that married people and happy-go-lucky, and are generally healthier than single people, a new study has discovered that marriages can also create the most significant, long-lasting source of depression.

The study, performed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was the result of a 13 year cumulative effort. The study revealed that people who experience marital stress are less able to enjoy positive experiences in their life. They are also more likely to report symptoms of depression.

Science has now proven what I’ve always said: Marriage ruins everything. 

Dr Barry Davidson, a clinical psychologist and marriage counsellors says that it’s no surprise that marriage can result in depression.

Dr Davidson stated that “As a result of not being properly prepared for marriage, you could very well end up being depressed,”

Furthermore, Dr Davidson suggested that when we get to know someone, we put on a mask so that the person will fall for us. When two people get married, the masks come off, differences are revealed, and that can lead to depression.

There should be Public Service Announcements on day time TV so people know what they are getting into when they get married. 


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