Brazilian man undergoes 10 operations to look more Korean

Plastic surgery is getting out of control.

An originally blonde-haired, blue-eyed 25-year-old Brazilian man went through a life changing plastic surgery craze after he visited South Korea. The man goes by the name Xiahn, and went through 10 different operations in Brazil, dyed his hair, and started wearing contact lenses so he could look Korean.

Xiahn stated in an interview with the Brazilian newspaper Zero Hora ‘I put my fingers inside the eye and pulled. That was the way I wanted to have my eyes,’

The $3,000 transformation process began after Xiahn spent time as an exchange student at Dongseo university. He found interests in Kpop, Korean dramas, and the fact that plastic surgery is so popular in the small Asian country. Essentially, he felt like a Korean trapped inside of a Brazilian’s body. A closet Korean, if you will.

However, there are many Koreans undergoing surgeries to look Western, often changing the shape of their eyes so they don’t appear Asian.

I guess the race is always better on the other side of the world.


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