Man stuck in S. Korea after son doodles on passport

Kids do the darndest things that leave you stranded in a foreign country.

A Chinese man is not allowed to leave South Korea to head back home. The reason, which is incredibly bizarre, is not because he’s been arrested, but because his passport picture is unrecognizable.

The 4-year-old son of the Chinese man somehow got a hold of his father’s passport photo and started drawing over it. You know, like 4-year-old Chinese sons do. The boy drew scribbling eyes, a mouth, a beard and even extra hair over his father’s face. He even covered the passport page with drawings of animals and flowers.

The poor father even went to to the Chinese micro blogging site “Weibo” asking for help on the predicament he was in. Naturally, the internet was of no help to him.

Maybe his son will grow up to be the next Picasso? Or maybe his son will just be a troublemaker and put him through hell until he moves out.


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