New Study Suggests Marijuana associated with impaired sleep quality

I guess this is why Stoners are so tired all of the time.

A new study involving 1,811 adults raging from  20-59 years old, tried to find if their was any correlation between cannabis use and someone’s sleep cycle.

Participants were asked about their history with cannabis, age at first use, and number of times they have used the drug in the past month.

The results of the study  revealed that if someone used marijuana during their adolescent life, the more likely they are going to report difficulty falling asleep, struggling to maintain sleep, experiencing non-restorative sleep, and feeling daytime sleepiness.

Lead author Jilesh Chheda, a research assistant at the University of Pennsylvania said that the most surprising find was that “People who started using early were more likely to have sleep problems as an adult.”

However, the study has been criticized for not being able focus on what relation to marijuana causes insomnia symptoms later in life. At this point, the results say that either using marijuana as a teenager triggers insomnia, or perhaps that those who used marijuana in their teenage years were stressed, which could be the cause for their insomnia.

That being said, Jilesh Chheda also stated that “As it [marijuana] becomes legal in many states, it will be important to understand the impact of marijuana use on public health, as its impact on sleep in the ‘real world’ is not well know.”



2 thoughts on “New Study Suggests Marijuana associated with impaired sleep quality

  1. Cannabis causes my REM sleep to be induced much later, and I typically feel groggy or foggy the next day. A strong cup of coffee the next day usually remedies the fogginess.


  2. whatever you want to call it has differing effects for different people. It used to be known for monging people out but now the strains have been crossed so many times it litrally keeps you awake. If you want a good nights kip then get to bed without any caffine or thc in your system.


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