Stephen Colbert is More Effective than journalists when it comes to explaining Political Campaigning

He’s more than just a pretty face.

Here is just how bad major news organizations are at their job: a satirical character on television is more successful at explaining Political Ad Campaigns than CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

A not so recent phone survey of 1,232 adults 18 years and older were interviewed in December of 2012. They were asked questions about political financing, and other aspects of politics.

As it turns out, those who watched Stephen Colbert believed they knew more about political financing, and actually knew more about political financing, than those who didn’t watch the show.

To summarize: Stephen Colbert, a satirical character who exaggerates the ideals of Republicans, was able to report the news better than 24-hour news stations.

Perhaps Colbert is able to hook in viewers with the allure of comedy, while news organizations are boring, and often contain some of the worst interviews of all time.

We all remember when a religion professor wrote a book about Jesus Christ, but the Fox News anchor tried to discredit his novel by stating that he was Muslim, right? Right???


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