Man Arrested For Throwing Cheeseburger At Pregnant Woman

After a poor attempt at feeding a pregnant woman, a Florida man is turning himself in to authorities.

23-year old Taylor Allen Stephens threw a cheese burger into the face of a pregnant woman and then pushed her to the ground during an argument they were having. After this public display of woman abuse, Stephens reportedly fled the scene for unknown reasons. But let’s be serious here – he was embarrassed that he just threw a god-damn cheeseburger at a pregnant lady.

Stephens eventually turned himself in to the police saying “I have problems.” Yes Mr Stephens, yes you do. He received charges of aggravated battery against the woman.

This isn’t the first time that food based assault has taken place in Florida, either.  In 2008, a man shoved his cheeseburger into his girlfriend’s face.


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