Myspace is trying to lure back people with their embarrassing photos.

What the hell is a Myspace?

Yes… Myspace is trying to make a comeback… again, and this time they’re sending ‘blackmail’ emails to previous users.  Myspace has made somewhat of a comeback, however the site is mostly used by bands who can now connect with their fans.  Myspace’s new strategy is resorting to showing

Although it does show to people on the outside that you should be careful of what you put on the internet, is this morally acceptable for Myspace to do? They sent out e-mails  to former Myspace users with a link to their profile and a message that reads, “The good, the rad, and the what were you thinking…”

While Myspace has over 15 billion photos in it’s online galleries, it has nothing compared to Facebook’s 250 million photos. Just imagine the dirty that Facebook could dig up and put on you if they really wanted to.


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