Woman Calls Police Because There Aren’t Enough Sprinkles on Her Ice Cream

Some people call 911 to report crime, and some people call 911 to complain about their sprinkle to ice cream ratio.

A woman called 911 after noticing that the ice cream she had ordered didn’t have enough sprinkles on it. She realized that the ice cream man had “put a bit on one side and none on the other.” That barbarian! How dare he? Why are the police letting these people walk the streets?

What more can you say about a story like this? Police have been purposely releasing these kinds of  911 calls to stop people from jamming emergency lines with non urgent problems including ” a prostitute not being attractive enough” and a rant about “undercooked waffles”.

Seriously, only call 911 in the case of an emergency. I’m not saying that all of the above examples aren’t an emergency, but some of them are self-incriminating. A man called a cop about a prostitute not being attractive enough. What was going through his mind?

Next thing you know people will be calling the police after their drug dealers rip them off. Oh wait, that’s already happened too.



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