Alpha-male BEAR facing CASTRATION because Sexual Dominance Threatens Population

He’s the alpha-male of alpha males. 

A bear living in the Pyrenees, a mountain range that acts as a natural border between France and Spain, is facing castration because he is too sexually dominant. Basically, he’s hogging all the female bears and the other male bears are getting a little ticked about it.

The bear is named Pyros, and is believed to be the oldest of around 30 bears. He is the father, grandfather, or great-grandfather of almost all the bear cubs born in Pyrenees over the past twenty years. There are four other males in this colony, one of them is not related to Pyros – and none of them have ever produced offspring.

Spanish officials said they were either going to castrate, or segregate Pyros, after it was found out that a cub that was recently born is both his daughter, and grand-daughter.


Some researchers are stating that they should try to introduce more brown bears into the mountain range, with the hopes that Pyros’ reign of sexual terror will end. Most bears become uninterested in sex at around 19-years-old, but just over the age of 26, Pyros’ hormones rage on.

However, relocating Pyros is costly, and may result in his death as a result of the stress from being placed in a bear sanctuary, and castrating him might just prevent all females from mating with any male. Officials are literally hoping that Pyros just dies naturally soon, or that females start to find him unattractive.

The fate of this bear colony relies entirely on whether or not the old guy will stop hitting on young blood.


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