Colorado Teen’s music so loud, he doesn’t hear incoming tornado

He was rockin’ out, duh.

18-year-old Wyatt Schrepfer was so distracted mowing his lawn and listening to his music, that he didn’t hear a tornado moving at 110-mph. The only reason he noticed the tornado is because it blew the hat off of his head, so he turned around to see this giant tornado ravaging through his home town.

It was too late for him to run inside, so he hid underneath his tractor and lay flat on the ground. Luckily, his last minute evasive manoeuvres proved to be enough to save his life. He only suffered from a few back injuries.

Take note, everyone. When it seems like it’s really windy outside and you are trying to mow your lawn, just be a little more observant so you don’t miss a giant tornado ripping out power poles from the ground.

I understand you have chores to do but damn, I’m sure they can wait.

By the way, this was the tornado.




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