Man Jumped Down from 4th Floor After Seeing how UGLY His Online Girlfriend was in Real Life

Imagine someone literally committing suicide because you’re too ugly and what that would do to your self esteem.

That’s exactly what Mark Anthony Perez did after he met a woman over the internet for the first time in real life. The two had been having a long distance relationship with nothing to visualize their partner except for the pictures they had of each other. Eventually, Perez met the woman in real life at a mall but was shocked at her appearance.

She looked nothing like her pictures. Her photos were altered and edited to make her appearance more appealing. After Perez witnessed this monstrosity of a woman, he cried and lost mental control as he lunged himself from the 4th floor slamming directly on ground level.

Perez was already dead when the ambulance got there and suffered broken bones and vital organ damage to his lungs and brain. I guess you can say that this relationship was “dead” from the get-go.


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