Man refuses to stop cross-country road trip when girlfriend dies so he drove with her corpse!

He was a man with a mission. Why can’t we just respect that?

Ray Tomlinson was driving to Michigan from Arizo with his 93-year-old mother, and his 31-year-old girlfriend. Unfortunately, the 31-year-old woman died during the trip, but Ray was determined to ┬ánot leave her alone in a hospital. Furthermore, Ray believed that, for whatever reason, he had 48 hours to report the woman’s death so he decided to keep driving so he could get home to Michigan.

“I cared too much for her,” he said in his defence.

A cause of death hasn’t been determined, Ray has not been charged nor is foul play suspected, but police say it could have been due to a drug overdose as she was found with an empty bottle of OxyContin.

Ray is a natural sweetheart, too. As reporters looked into the couple’s history, it was discovered that 62-year-old Ray met her when she was homeless and waiting for her boyfriend to get out of prison. Ray took her and helped her get back on her feet, despite him knowing the woman had been hospitalized nine times in Arizona for mental health and problems with drugs.

Ray made it back to Michigan, but not before the body had started to decompose in the passenger seat, immediately beside the driver. Don’t worry though, she was wearing a seat belt because you wouldn’t want her to die in a car crash or something, right?

And people say that love is dead!


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