Guy Transforms Apartment Into an Arcade, Fiancée Promptly Dumps Him

Game over.

37-year-old Chris Kooluris spent a whopping $26,000 converting his apartment into an arcade heaven. To raise the money, he sold a ton of his furniture and even his own bed. His bedroom now consists of old arcade classics like “Pac-Man”, “Punch-Out” and “Street Fighter II”.

With an entertainment set up like that, he won’t be sleeping anyway. 

Initially, Kooluris had been staying over at his fiancées place and felt awkward around her and her things. After reading the novel “Ready Player One“, Kooluris had an epiphany of sorts.

Although Kooluris and his friends thought it was pretty cool, his fiancée did not. Upon creating an apartment filled with arcade games, action figures, teenage mutant ninja turtle blankets, candy dispensers and a high score board, his fiancée dumped him.

At least he can console himself by playing Pac-Man for hours and hours.


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