Human Face Evolved to be Punched

Take that smug look off your goddamn face.A new paper from the University of Utah, is stating that human faces have evolved over thousands of years to minimize injury as a result from being punched in the face. Essentially, your face has evolved so that you can survive multiple punches to the face.

That’s bad ass.

The authors of the paper, David Carrier and Michael H. Morgan, says that our Australopithicus ancestors were characterized by traits they might have in order to improve their fighting ability. Some of these traits include a hand structure so they could form fists, which essentially turns their hand into a club they could just swing around.

As a result, David Carrier and Michael H. Morgan state that if their fists were evolving to be weapons, then our ancestors faces would have been subject to evolution so they were better protected from injury after being punched!


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