The Long Island Medium is a Great Big Phony!

Yeah, what else is new? 

Teresa Caputo, star of TLC’s hit “reality” show Long Island Medium, claims that she is a psychic from Long Island. The show revolves around her experiences interacting with people who are looking for closure after losing a loved one. Amazingly, Teresa Caputo is able to tell her subject numerous details about their life, and the life of their deceased loved on. Teresa Caputo claims that the dead talk to her, which is absolutely amazing!

Except for the fact that it is fake.

Besides the fact that most reality shows are loosely scripted and edited to seem a lot more exciting than they are, Long Island Medium is about a woman who claims to have psychic powers. Literally nothing is stopping her from hiring really bad actors, and scripting entire “psychic readings”. I’ve been saying this for awhile now, but didn’t really have any conclusive evidence to support those claims.

…Until today. 

A private investigator has recently made claims that Teresa Caputo, is in fact, a fraud. The investigator came to this conclusion after speaking with Caputo’s clients, associates, and those that have attended her live shows before.

According to the investigator, Ron Tebo, anyone who wants to attend one of Teresa Caputo’s live shows must forfeit their phone number and address to executives, which gives event organizers the ability to do a background check on pretty much everyone in the audience.

In fact, during Caputo’s show on April 5, members of the audience were frustrated that she was only interacting with audience members that were on the first floor, of a three floor venue.

Miss Cleo. Edward, a phone psychic who appeared on Dateline NBC and admitted that she knows what tricks to use to appear psychic, and has been charged with fraud, claims that Caputo uses the same tricks.

Some of these tricks include throwing out a variety of pieces of information, hoping that the person they are talking to will confirm something the medium says. From there, the medium narrows down what they are saying, until they can finally figure out more and more details about the deceased loved one.

Although there is no conclusive way to tell whether or not Teresa Caputo can actually communicate with the dead, it isn’t looking too great for the reality star as she approaches the completion of her fifth season on TLC.

Teresa Caputo has defended herself against these accusations by saying “negative people need drama.”


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