Herpes has plagued mankind for over 1 MILLION Years!

Mankind contracted Herpes before humans existed.A recent study has revealed that the sexually transmitted infection known as Herpes, or the Herps as kids are calling it these days, may have been contracted by our primate ancestors over 1.6 Million years ago. It’s scary to think that Herpes, which is often the punch line to a joke, has infected mankind before we had even evolved into Homo Sapiens.

We never stood a chance, really.

To explain the study in as simple of terms as possible, it was found that both Herpes  viruses HSV-1 and HSV-2 can only be carried by humans. Yadda yadda yadda, boring science stuff, it was found that HSV-2 had genetic similarities with the herpes virus found in chimpanzees. This means that we were infected by HSV-2 from our ancestors, so far back, that scientists believe we contracted the virus from our common ancestor with Chimpanzees.

And now you know where Herpes comes from.



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One Response to Herpes has plagued mankind for over 1 MILLION Years!

  1. A good post, well science keeps on evolving, but no cure will be up.


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