Senior graffiti vandal led police on a 300m race on a toy scooter!

A 61-year-old hoodlum was caught spray painting a police station in Kingscliff.  He was caught painting terms like “Kingy Boyz Rule” and other slogans that probably only the old man would know the meaning of.  When he was spotted, he took off on a children’s toy scooter.

He was apprehended a few blocks away, but that’s not to say he put up a good fight. He managed to fight off and injure two cops (one of which will be off work for a week) during the struggle.  Quite the fighter. He’s like the Rocky Balboa of the retirement home. He may not have a lot of skill, but he has a lot of heart. He did all this spray painting while cops were inside the building!

Police said, “It’s not our usual type of graffiti suspect, at that age.”  Just goes to show you!  Don’t rule out the elderly to be bad-ass criminals running, or should I say scooting from the law.


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