A Multimillionaire Scammer claims he’s too fat for the Slammer

Tubby don’t wanna go to prison.

James Olivos plead guilty to real estate scams and was sentenced to spend five years in federal prison and pay back close to $3 million. Since his sentencing, he has missed three different dates to surrender himself to police claiming he won’t get the right treatment for his obesity in prison.

What treatment are you gettingĀ outside of prison?

James Olivos has no shame in claiming that he is too morbidly obese to serve his sentence in prison. We’ve all heard of being too rich to serve a criminal sentence, but are we really going to say people areĀ too obese to go to prison?

I thought people that went to prison ended up in prime physical condition, anyway.

After being asked to provide proof of his obesity and health concerns, James Olivos hasn’t been able to produce any medical records. Magistrate Karla Spaulding believes that Olivos is “stalling to avoid prison.”



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