California School Punishes Kids for Using Bathroom More Than Twice a Year!

On one hand, students will now learn how to pee on command during lunch breaks. 

A San Diego school is in hot water after numerous children have been getting sick because of the school’s bathroom policy. The policy states that students only get two bathroom passes a year, but if they go to the bathroom after they use a pass, they are penalized with detention.

As a result, students are trying to hold their bladders for as long as possible, which can often lead to students getting infections as a result.

One of the studnets mom, Jamie Barkley, says that her daughter Rylie had to go to the bathroom because of the problems that occurred after her daughter had to hold her bladder.

Jamie Barkley said that “Her system was completely backed up. She made me aware that teachers ask you to hold it and not to go,”

As you might expect, parents were outraged and have sought media attention to try and change the school’s policy.

The argument that many parents are making is that using the bathroom in the case of an emergency is a necessity and not a privilege. When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go.

The San Diego Unified School District is investigating the issue, but hasn’t released a detailed statement as of yet.


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