Man Gets Penis Stuck in Pipe for Two Days

What was it doing in there?

After two, long, hard, days of humiliation, defeat, and acceptance, 61-year-old Lian Tian, a Chinese man from Quanzhou City had to seek medical attention after having his penis stuck inside of a pipe for two days. Naturally, instead of saying that he intentionally stuck his Johnson into a metal object, Lian Tian said that he was painting in the nude…and slipped.

His penis ‘accidentally’ would up inside of this pipe.

Lian Tian admitted that he stayed in the pipe for so long because he was worried that nobody would believe his story. After he developed a fever and was tired of having his dick in a pipe, he called doctors who then, called the fire department.

According to reports, it took four hours for firefighters to cut the pipe off from around Lian Tian’s penis.

Lian Tian tried his own methods before calling for help. He tried to pour oil and liqued soap down the sides of his ‘manhood’ (we use that term loosely) but the pipe was so tightly fitted around his penis he says that it wasn’t working as lubricant. He later went to bed, hoping, and praying, that if he relaxed his penis would just slide out.

It didn’t.


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