A Man known as “The Naked Commuter” strips down to his boxers every morning on the subway to protest unbearable train temperatures!

He’s the hero the city needs, but not the one it deserves.

Mungo Strachan, a 23-year-old originally from Scotland has a name that would lead you to believe he was destined for greatness, and he is…sort’ve. By greatness, we mean that he is known, as recognized on the street, as the guy who rides the subway every morning in patterned boxers.

As you might expect, his antics have generated a lot of attention and people just seem to stare at him as he rides the subway to work every morning in his underwear. However, Mungo says that he feels no shame in only wearing his boxers.

He justifies his feelings by saying that he’s the type of guy that after a night of drinking always ends up taking his clothes off anyway, and he’s comfortable in his skin.

We all have a friend like that. 

Unfortunately, Mungo’s bosses and girlfriend haven’t enjoyed all of the attention that he is receiving. His bosses began to worry after the media showed up at Mungo’s office trying to snap photographs of him, and his girlfriend began to worry after a few girls from Mungo’s past tried to contact him.

Despite this, Mungo, also known as The Naked Commuter, rides the subway proudly wearing little to nothing. However, it’s not like he’s just commuting this way for no reason.

As it turns out, Mungo says he is riding the subway in his boxers to protest the problem of overheating Train carriages, which can often be unbearable in the summer months.

Oh, and one of his friends just happened to launch a new brand of boxer shorts around the same time Mungo started his public shenanigans.


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