Chinese Soccer Fan Dies after Staying Up to watch the World Cup!

He was a die hard fan. Heh.

A 25-year-old Chinese man was found in front of his TV just a few hours after the Netherlands played Spain on Friday, June 13. The man is believed to have died as a result of sleep deprivation. Doctors are unsure whether or not the man died from exhaustion alone, or if his exhaustion induced a heart attack.

The reason the soccer fanatic was so exhausted, was because in order to catch any of the World Cup Games, he had to stay up all night, because of the time difference.

The Netherlands played Spain at 12PM Local Time, but for the Chinese man, he had to stay up until close to 5AM to catch the whole game.

I guess he really wanted to absorb as much of the World Cup as possible, and he didn’t want to record the games and watch them in the morning. That makes too much sense.

And watching a game when it isn’t live isn’t as fun anyway.


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