Runaway crocodile invades office in Chongqing

Casual Fridays just got a whole less casual.

Workers of a Chongqing-based media company experienced just that after receiving an email from the company saying “there appears to be a crocodile in the office. Evacuate in an orderly manner.”

What do you mean “appears to be”????

One employee even said, “At first I thought it was a joke, but pretty soon my colleagues started rushing out.”

Even if it wasn’t a joke, how can anyone possibly evacuate from a situation like this in an orderly manner?

Luckily some brave employees who probably thought: “I don’t get paid enough for this shit”, caught the reptile before it could hurt anybody. Apparently, the crocodile was in a cage but broke out which is why it got loose in the building.

What a shitty cage! Where was it made? China??

In the end it turns out that the company’s CEO was the one who brought the crocodile to work. Why? because he planned on eating it! He loves the taste of crocodile in the morning.


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