Scientists Create Bionic Pancreas that Outperforms Diabetic Insulin Pumps

Everyday we move one step closer to The Future we all dream of. Hover cars.

Okay, so this scientific discovery has literally nothing to do with hover cars, but it’s just as cool if not a little cooler but it doesn’t have a practical use for you unless you have diabetes. If you do have diabetes, good news! It might only be a few years before you can toss out that insulin pump and replace it with a bionic pancreas! You’ll basically be an android, like Arnold from The Terminator.

That’s bad-ass, man.

To dumb this down to levels that I can even comprehend the study, here’s what you need to know:

A bunch of science dudes created a robot organ that can be connected to diabetic people to act as a pancreas and process insulin, something their body can’t do. Normally, some diabetics need an insulin pump to control their body’s levels, but the diabetic pancreas is way more effective and futuristic than those lame-ass pumps. 

We are one step closer to becoming one with our robot overlords. At the rate we keep finding ways to not die, the global life expectancy is going to sky rocket. And then we’ll need to expand our civilization, so we’ll go to other planets. And find aliens. And then we’ll all become bros. And then we’ll have alien-human frat parties and it’ll be sweet.



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