68-year-old Woman arrested for public sex with man 19-years-younger than her

Grannies gone wild.

The Villages, a retirement community in Florida has one of the most revolting reputations for naughty behaviour. If you are squeamish or want to maintain the belief that old people are harmless, go to bed early, and just watch The Price is Right…turn away now.

Peggy Klemm, a 68-year-old woman, living in The Villages has had a past few days filled with more partying than a 21-year-old on Spring Break in Cancun. Her most recent crime was publicly having sex in the square of the community with a 49-year-old man who was just looking for a good time.

To be clear, this happens so often in The Villages, police usually let the seniors off with a warning, but four days earlier Peggy Klemm was arrested for drunk driving in her golf cart.

Peggy Klemm is also married to a man, who is unfortunately bound to a wheelchair. But to anyone living in The Villages, this isn’t surprising. Apparently the swinger population in this retirement community is eerily high.

Police had to make an example of this humble citizen of The Villages as things are getting out of control. How? There is actually a black market for Viagra.

There are 10 women for every one man in The Villages.

Pack your bags, we’re going to The Villages.

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